About Us

Rockford Wholesale Co. is a to-the-trade line featuring products from major brands in the furniture industry, carefully crafted with our retail partners in mind. A profound curiosity and passion for product design motivates us to develop pieces rich with historical and global influences and propels our continued efforts to evolve our product lines.

Rockford Wholesale Co. serves our customers as a ONE Home resource with a wide range of offerings for high value and affordable sensibility. With showrooms in major market areas, our goal is to serve as a daily, year-round resource for designers and dealers. Our Atlanta showroom is open seven days a week – it is a significant, well-furnished space that is unbound by market schedules, which serves as a huge advantage for our clientele. We have made a customer service commitment to offering a streamlined ordering process that creates quick turnarounds, consolidated shipping, and higher profitability. Please share with us in this monumental mission and allow our design and customer service team to show you how we can service your immediate—and future—furniture and design needs..


Rockford Wholesale Corporate Office

11422 US-231

Rockford, AL 35136


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